Lethabo, better known as Lethabo Six, is a model, multidisciplinary creative artist focusing on artistic direction and soon to be Bachelors of Design graduate.

Born and raised in Pretoria/Johannesburg, South Africa, Lethabo’s natural will for creating became evident at an early age. He later developed a strong foundation through a quest of self-discovery where he began to pursue a devoted love within design and art, respectively.

Lethabo continues to cultivate his creations through artistic direction, which is recognized globally. He has been seen in partnerships with global and local brands such as Adidas, Converse and Superbalist, to name a few.

His innate intuition is delivered through his life long visual series, Six Scorpions, which provides a better glimpse of his multi-faceted design discipline. His knack for product design extends through his online store, Le Six Shop.