6 Underated Musical Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now 

We all at some stage get tired of listening to the same ol’ hit or favourite track over and over and over again. You then sit and think 

“what could get any better than this?” . 

Well I’ve found a couple of people to help with your not so great playlist 


      Who he is: an Australian DJ/Producer 

      Why you should be listening: Flume , ( Real name: Harlery Streten ) he presents a easy to listen to and trendy feel. Trippy electronic that oozes all kinds of cool 

      2. Stromae

        Who he is: Belgian singer-rapper-songwriter. Also master of trendy outfits 

        Why you should be listening: This is the French-speaking house/hip hop artist you never knew you needed in your life. His smash hit ‘Alors On Danse ‘ caught the attention of people all over Europe when it was released in 2009. Kanye West even assembled his own remix version. He’s got Europe’s attention, now he deserves yours !

        1. 3. SBTRKT 

          What it is: A musical project by Brig Aaron Jerome. Jerome performs in a variety of tribal masks to sustain the anonymous nature of the project.
          Why you should be listening : we’ve all seen a masked DJ performance haven’t we ( Daft Punk ) but SBTRKT still feels like a breeze of fresh air. Not to mention featuring the right people , people lije Drake. He’s music doesn’t come out all in your face and thats a good thing 

          4. FKA Twigs 

          Who she is: A British Singer-Songwriter and Dancer 

          Why you should be listening: She has  smooth caressing vocals , listen to her popular track ” Two Weeks “. Also get music videos are never to be missed. Bonus ! 

          5. Jhene Aiko 

          Who she is: Singer-Songwriter from the shores of sunny Los Angeles 

          Why you should be listening: Unlike other artists , it’s hard to label her an up and coming act. Aiko has star studded vocals that she tends to turn over a smooth sultry feel. If your The Weeknd fan , then Jhene is just for you

          6. Kygo 

          Who is he: Norwegian DJ/Producer

          Why you should be listening: Unlike most DJ’s that speed things up , he slows them down. Giving off a easy, breezy , tropical sensational sound 
          Do not sleep on these artists that are destined for greatness or well are the greatness your music playlist needs. 

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