Firstly, that was a pretty fast year flew by!

For the most part 2019 has being the most messiest yet fruitful year I’ve ever had to go through. I’ve experienced tremendous lows that plummeted and gave extreme momentum to bringing out the utmost best version of myself, constantly evolving. I’ve met the most beautiful souls and banished those that only acted as negative weight from what I am and destined to achieve.

I have never felt so alive and dead all at one time but through it all the growth has been glorious. A big thank you to those that have supported and continue to support me with undivided love and attention, Le Six Shop  and Six Scorpions as well as myself would be nothing without your love. For that I am eternally grateful.

I hope you enjoy this “short” home video speedin’ through little moments that i have captured both in full joy and in a river in tears, all none the less a few of the beautiful moments I’ve experience with those love and those I have loved irrespectively.

Moving forward, into a new decade the are two things I want everyone to keep in mind:

  1. You’re only as great as those you surround yourself with
  2. It doesn’t get easer, you just get stronger
  3. last but certainly not least, YOU ARE VERY CAPABLE

love and abundant light

– Six

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